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10G EPON promotes the development of the Internet
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10G EPON promotes the development of the Internet

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8Port EPON OLT with 4SFP+ uplink port

High quality and cheap bandwidth

In order to keep up with the development of informatization and the pace of network applications, PON technology (passive optical fiber network) is a kind of technology that follows this trend and gradually enters the market under the rapid promotion of the total network bandwidth doubling every six months. High-quality and low-cost broadband access technology.

Judging from the current overall situation, the total download average rate of systems in regions with better network conditions is about 2.5Gbps, and 10GPON can be seen from the name that it has a network transmission capacity that is 4 times the current download bandwidth capacity. The increase in bandwidth capacity can be used to handle the bandwidth demands of more users, bring better services to users, and cope with the rapid growth of users.

As far as the development of 10GPON technology worldwide, Verizon, France Telecom, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and Portugal Telecom have conducted field technical tests on this technology.

The first commercial service based on 10G GPON technology will also be launched by Alcatel-Lucent in the second half of 2011

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