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10G EPON introudction
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10G EPON introudction

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10GEPON is developed on the basis of EPON. The technical principles of the two are basically the same, but 10GEPON has a stronger carrying capacity. Its main features are as follows:

1. Support 10Gbps downlink/1Gbps uplink and 10Gbps downlink/10Gbps uplink two modes.

2.10GEPON uses new uplink and downlink wavelengths for data transmission, the downlink center wavelength is 1577nm, and the uplink wavelength is 1270nm.

3. The PON port of the 10GEPON OLT is backward compatible with the existing 1G EPON service.

4.10GEPON is compatible with the existing EPON system optical fiber distribution network, no need to replace optical splitters and optical cables.

The PON port of 10GOLT can be compatible with 10G ONUs and 1G ONUs that have been deployed in large numbers at the same time, which is one of the key issues to realize the smooth evolution from EPON to 10GEPON. In 10EPON, the downlink 1G service and 10G service bearer wavelengths are completely isolated and do not affect each other. In the upstream direction, the 1G service and 10G service bearer wavelengths partially overlap, but because different ONUs send signals at different time slices, the OLT is guaranteed. Can correctly receive and identify the services sent by each ONU

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