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100G light module
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100G light module

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  100G light module

  1. High -speed and stable transmission

  Using 100G light modules can achieve high -speed and stable data transmission, which can ensure data quality and reliability while performing data transmission. When we use data centers, cloud computing cloud storage and other communication areas, 100G light modules can meet these high bandwidth needs.

  2. Long -distance transmission

  The 100G optical module can achieve long -distance data transmission. There are great restrictions on the transmission distance of 100G high -speed cables, and the distance between the 100G light module can be transmitted farther. The signal is declining, ensuring the integrity of data transmission, and avoiding data interruption or signal interference.

  3. Save space

  The 100G light module can also be modularized, reducing the space used by the cabinet. Because the light module can achieve modularity, it is very small in size and weight. During use, it can greatly reduce the use of the cabinet's use and make the data center more neat and beautiful.

  4. Easy maintenance and upgrade

  The 100G light module can realize hot insertion, which is conducive to the maintenance and upgrade of the computer room. Its operation is simple, and the operator does not need too much professional knowledge to perform 100G light module operations. If a 100G light module fails, the engineer can easily replace it because its plug -in design is very convenient.

  What is the Gigabit single -mode light module?

  Today, at 5G, the light module is also developing rapidly. From low -speed 100M, Gigabit, 10G, 200G, 400G at high speed, the price of light modules has also increased. Different scenarios have different modules different modules. Different modules have different modules. If it is used in the Gigabit Ethernet, it only needs to use the Gigabit light module.

  What we usually call Gigabit Light modules refers to the transmission rate of 1.25Gbps. Generally, there are: SFP and GBIC encapsulation. The common packaging is SFP packaging because the volume is reduced by half compared to the GBIC module. GBIC is consistent and can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC, with a transmission distance of 80-160km. Gigabit light module is used in Gigabit Ethernet. It is a kind of light module with more applications on small and medium -sized data centers. Gigabit light module is already a very mature series of products. Its low power consumption, small volume, long transmission distance, low price and other advantages are deeply loved by users

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