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1000BASE-X.gpon olt company
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1000BASE-X.gpon olt company

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A 1000BASE-X protocol, the SFP defined in 802.3 is a packaging type of the optical module. In terms of agreement, 1000BASE-X has two hot-plug packaging packages: SFP and GBIC, as well as 1*9 and other pins packaging. In terms of packaging, SFP is an interface of the device. All products can be made into SFP packaging.

1000BASE-X (optical fiber Gip Ethernet),

1000 refers to the transmission rate of 1000m, base is the baseband transmission, and X represents a single mode or multi-mode fiber.-X indicates -CX, -SX, and -lx or (non-standardized) -zx. 1000BASE-X is a non-standard name, regular reference IEEE 802.3Z standard. And gigabit ethernet.

There is another 1000BASE-T

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