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What are the benefits of being HSGQ's distributor
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What are the benefits of being HSGQ's distributor

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Advantage of Being HSGQ’s Exclusive Distributor

Q: what are the benefits you can have after being HSGQ's exclusive distributor?

A: Price support / Ads support / Market protection / After-sale Service / Training Service / Up-to-date products / exhibition support / Local office team etc

Q: What does Price Support mean?

A: You can all series of products at a cost price. Having a competitive price in a way to maximizing your profits.

Q: What does Ads Support mean?

A: After being HSGQ’s exclusive distributor, we will increase the expenses of Google Ads in your country, and offer more customer resource to you.

Q: What does Marketing production mean?  

A: After being HSGQ’s exclusive distributor, we will not sell any products into your markets in any kind of way, All the inquiries will be forwarded to your sales team.

Q: What does After-Sale Service do?

A: Any problem may occur, we will offer the solution within 12h, Helping you to deal with the customer’s complaint. Regarding After-sales Support, I am proud of my support team. We still stand in the market is because of our customer choose us.

Q: What does Training Service mean ?

A: We can help you to build your own technical team, so your team can know more about our products, and offer better service for customers.

Q: What does Up-to-date products mean ?

A: For any latest products, we will deliver a free sample for your testing. Also, we will make the production adjustment according to your market feedback to build a unique product for your market.

Q: What does Company resource mean ?

A: After being in the telecom industry market for decades, HSGQ is being known on the market, many customers want us to offer a one-stop shopping solution, Therefore, we have offered many related products, such as FTTH box /fiber cords/fiber cable, etc. HSGQ has geographical advantages and industrial resources, can provide the best quality products and competitive prices.

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