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Super September From HSGQ
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Super September From HSGQ

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The Super September organized by Alibaba is an exciting event tailored specifically for B2B merchants. It offers a dedicated platform for sourcing, procurement, and collaboration, while also providing valuable resources and knowledge-sharing opportunities. HSGQ has been committed to establishing a positive and dynamic working environment that encourages cooperation and innovation among employees. In order to further promote team cohesion and stimulate creativity, the company organized activities based on this festival so that employees can actively participate. Each partner can set his or her own goals for September, and those who complete the goals can receive a beautiful gift. There is also a lottery, so this provides employees with an opportunity to share work and entertainment.

团建2      团建3

We hope that this event will allow colleagues to gain new inspiration and motivation, realize the importance of work innovation, and be willing to try new methods and solutions at work. Our company will also continue to encourage employees to maintain a positive attitude and be able to do better in September.

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