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PoE vs PoE+ industry ONU: How to Choose?
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PoE vs PoE+ industry ONU: How to Choose?

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What is PoE? PoE technology was defined by the IEEE 802.3af standard in 2003. Under this standard, the PoE allows a PD (powered device) like VoIP phone to receive up to 12.95W PoE wattage, utilizing just two of the available four twisted pairs in Ethernet cabling.


Then what is a PoE onu? PoE onu refers to an application of PoE technology. Functioning as a kind of PSE (power sourcing equipment), a PoE onu can supply power to PDs via Ethernet cables to realize network connectivity. Generally, an 802.3af onu supports max power consumption of up to 15.4W per PoE port with a voltage range between 44V and 57V. And the voltage range of PDs, connected with the PoE onu, is from 37V to 57V.


 Applications of PoE vs. PoE+ onu

Evidently, the major differences among PoE vs. PoE+ lie in their working mode and power supply, which reflect in their applications.


An 802.3af onu, aka PoE Type 1 onu, is usually used to support devices that require a power delivery of less than 15.4W:


*Basic VoIP phones operating across the public internet

*Two-antenna wireless access points for small networks

*Stationary security cameras without pan, tilt, and zoom 

*Sensors, meters, etc.


PoE+ onu with 30W output can power Type 2 devices, such as:

*IP telephones that offer fax, text messaging, and voice calls

*Wireless access points with six antennas

*Remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) surveillance cameras

*Biometric sensors that collect biological characteristics



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