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Let more industry customers accept the PON all-optical network solution: talk with HS about new opportunities for optical connection
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Let more industry customers accept the PON all-optical network solution: talk with HS about new opportunities for optical connection

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Introduction: From the early optical transceivers, transceivers, to optical modules, and now a full set of PON equipment at the central office and user end, around the giants of optical network equipment, the growth story of HS is admirable, especially when they insist on being their own. Brand: HSGQ

Tunable Laser / TSL-570 | Suntec.com 9/05/2022, Optical Fiber Online News, I went to Shenzhen University Town to visit HS Optical Communication, wanting to know how their OLT product line fits into the current FTTR solution. Mr. Wu brought a piece of FTTR equipment they were researching and said, in fact, they launched their own point-to-point FTTR solution a few years ago, but now the mainstream solution in the market is PON, and a PON subnet needs to be built after entering the home. , they are also working on this plan, they have already made a cut in FTTR, the key is how big the market is now.

Founded in 2007, HS Optical Communication is an optical equipment company that started from Huaqiangbei, the center of Shenzhen's electronics industry. Beside the Big Mac, HS's growth story is admirable, especially they insist on doing their own brand: HSGQ. With the rise of passive optical networks, the editor believes that a good day for small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers like HS is coming. But at the moment, FTTR now seems to be on the chopping block of big companies, where is the development opportunity for HS? What the editor wants to discuss with President Wu is also here.

For a long time, the editor wanted to find a cheap FTTR equipment solution. The point-to-point equipment introduced by HS before is actually a feasible solution. But the problem now is that operators prefer the PON subnet solutions of major manufacturers. Having no right to speak with the operator, coupled with the upfront investment, made HS hesitate to push its own FTTR solution. Mr. Wu raised a question in this regard, how to guide customers and educate them to accept their plans? For example, now campus network, enterprise network, campus network, hotel network, security network, etc., PON network has advantages in performance, wiring cost, network management operation and maintenance cost, etc., but many customers are still willing to accept traditional fiber optic transceivers Program. For applications such as FTTR, fiber optic transceivers are actually a solution, but operator customers are willing to accept the PON solution. This has to admire the market influence of some big manufacturers.


HS now has complete PON all-optical network solutions for hotel apartments, campuses, hospitals, industrial parks, government enterprises and smart buildings, including OLT (full range of EPON and GPON), ONU (desktop, 86 panel, industrial Class, POE type, MDU type) products, as well as supporting OLT modules and uplink optical modules. All products have their own complete intellectual property rights of software and hardware from design, research and development, production and sales. One OLT carries the full service, and the deployment is flexible and fast. The key point is that it is easy to upgrade and maintain. However, in these fields, the construction personnel at the grass-roots level still prefer the traditional network equipment plus optical fiber transceiver network solution. Mr. Wu, who has come all the way from the optical fiber transceiver market, has a deep feeling about this. On the road of Fnetlink, in the application of enterprise-level PON, there is still a long process to educate and guide customers. The goal of HS is to make the world free of difficult-to-use PON equipment. The products launched by HS all have their own WEB visual management, which greatly reduces the use threshold, and also supports remote cloud management, which facilitates later operation, maintenance and management. It has won hundreds of domestic awards. There are thousands of actual cases that are trusted by system integrators and engineering companies.

Over the years, in addition to the investment in technology, brand building is also the key reason for HS to persist. Mr. Wu said that they insisted on using their own brands in the overseas market, and they have achieved certain results now. There are more than ten overseas agents, and the overseas market has become the main source of their current sales, which is why they can survive and develop beside the giants. important reasons.

Many years ago, the editor was very excited to see a business that sold all components in the Akihabara electrical market in Japan, thinking that optical communication will finally have the opportunity to enter thousands of households. Today, HS is still on this road, and wherever there is a need for connectivity, there will be a need for optical connectivity. Today's HS already has a very good foundation, with technology, brands, teams, customers, and more importantly, a potential large market. Such a company is exactly what our time needs.

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