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Alibaba International Station SKA Merchant Operation Competition, our company-Bella Wong won the marketing star of the optimization competition
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Alibaba International Station SKA Merchant Operation Competition, our company-Bella Wong won the marketing star of the optimization competition

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In August 2022, the annual "Alibaba International Station SKA Merchant Operation Competition" in the Alibaba International Station Shenzhen Region came to an end. Our contestant Wang Juan (Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment CO., LTD, below referred to as HSGQ) won the Marketing Star of Alibaba Optimization Competition.

The SKA has been held many times. It will help businesses with high-quality empowerment, go overseas smoothly and help foreign trade merchants to improve their comprehensive digital foreign trade capabilities in marketing like branding, operation, and product innovation.

SKA has a very high entry threshold, SKA is Alibaba's customized brand marketing plan for global excellent merchants, and uses its platform advantages and channels such as operation matrix and scene resources to help strengthen excellent merchants which will become a global industry benchmark brand. Anyone who wants to join SKA needs to go through layers of selection. At the same time, their potential and strength need to lead the industry.

SKA focuses on the concept of "localization", by activating local businesses and giving full play to the advantages of local businesses such as industrialization and resources which will get the achievement of actual needs of businesses, and provide a platform for flexible communication and common improvement finally. It also promotes the exchange, mutual assistance, and prosperity of the foreign trade ecology of the international station.

After half a year's preliminary competition, the SKA has unearthed high-quality merchants in various regions, precipitated the successful marketing methodology of excellent merchants, refined high-quality cases, and transmitted and disseminated them, so that more merchants can benefit widely. At the same time, more and more merchants come to the stage to create a foreign trade ecosystem of mutual assistance and common growth.

HSGQ has become a core customer of SKA with its excellent product quality and good brand awareness overseas.

Bella Wong said: For the entire foreign trade industry, allowing good business to be seen and good products to be perceived is the core of foreign trade operations.

Starting from her own practical experience, she shares her successful experience through brand positioning, products, operations, international station marketing, digital tools, etc., so that we can see her ideas and the down-to-earth tenacity of the new generation of digital foreign trade leaders.

Bella Wong say in an interview, "The explosive growth of cross-border e-commerce in the past 10 years comes from the digitization of traditional foreign trade in the transaction link. In the next 10 years, the growth dividends of foreign trade small and medium-sized enterprises will come from the whole process and cycle of foreign trade and Business efficiency and certainty brought about by digitalization.”

HSGQ has become the core merchant of SKA on Alibaba International Station which is another milestone in HSGQ's overseas business layout. It marks a new starting point for HSGQ's intelligent digital trade journey. From now on, HSG will be given a different mission: to represent a group of foreign trade companies with the most development potential in China externally and to become a benchmark for millions of Ali users internally.

We hope that HSG will continue to be applied to the world deeply, so that the Chinese brand will be famous all over the world, and technology will benefit the public. HSGQ to shape an international well-known brand.

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