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Fiber Optic Media Converter
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Fiber Optic Media Converter

  • Extend network distance: By converting fiber optic signals into signals of other media types, network connections are established outside the scope of the fiber optic network to achieve long-distance data transmission
  • Anti-Interference Capability: Optical fiber networks have better anti-interference capabilities and can provide stable data transmission in electromagnetic interference environments
  • High-Bandwidth Transmission: It has high-bandwidth characteristics, can meet the needs of large-capacity data transmission, and is suitable for application scenarios that require high-speed data transmission
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: It can adapt to a variety of network environments and integrate seamlessly with existing network equipment
  • Reliability and Stability: It has high reliability and stability and can work in harsh environmental conditions
  • Management and Monitoring Functions: Provides management and monitoring functions, allowing administrators to configure, monitor and troubleshoot them
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