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Will you distinguish the spectrophot module and the optical fiber transceiver
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Will you distinguish the spectrophot module and the optical fiber transceiver

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In the field of optical communication, there are many devices that have similar functions, such as optical modules and fiber transceivers. They are all equipment for photoelectric conversion. Do you know what is different between them? Let's find out today!

What is the optical fiber transceiver?

The optical fiber transceiver is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that swaps the short -distance twisted twisted telegram signal and long -distance optical signal. It is also called an optoelectronics converter in many places. middle. Optical fiber transceiver is a very cost -effective solution. It can complete the network upgrade without consuming a lot of manpower, material resources and time.

What is the light module?

The optical module consists of optoelectronic devices, function circuits, and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic devices include launch and receiving. To put it simply, the role of the optical module is the photoelectric conversion. The sending terminal converts the electrical signal into a optical signal. After transmitting through the optical fiber, the receiving end will convert the optical signal into a electrical signal. The principle is the same as the fiber transceiver, but the optical module is more efficient and secure than the transceiver.

According to the definition of the light module, as long as there is a light signal, there will be the application of the light module, so the specific application is as follows:

What is the difference between optical module and fiber transceiver?

1. The wavelength and transmission distance must be consistent. For example, using 1310Nm wavelength, the transmission distance should be 10km/20km.

2. Pay attention to the selection of optical fiber jump fiber interfaces. Generally, the SC port of the optical fiber transceiver, the optical module uses the LC port.

3. The rate must be the same.

4. The type of light module needs to use the same type, single fiber -to -single fiber, and double fiber to double fiber.


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