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Whether the light module uses a method of distinction.huawei compatible sfp module manufacture
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Whether the light module uses a method of distinction.huawei compatible sfp module manufacture

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155M Single Mode

As an attachment and material, the light module has been widely used in optical transmission equipment. During the procurement process, different prices will encounter old -fashioned light modules. Of course, it may not be easy to detect after renovation.

| The old light module may have some risks in use:

(1) There is dust in the inside and outside cavity of the light road, which will affect the light road, reduce the transmission quality of the light signal, and reduce the power power.

(2) Receive sensitivity decrease. The receiving sensitivity of the original module cannot meet the requirements of iTUT.G.957 and IEEE802.3U. When the environment is poor and long -distance transmission, the quality of the network is also affected.

(3) Internal and external materials are damaged, and the transmission of coaxiality in the transmission of optical devices cannot be guaranteed, so that some changes in the optical paths of the optical device, such as small light power, high code rate, abnormal light ratio, etc.

(4) Life is shortened and cannot adapt to a variable environment. Ordinary light source modules can withstand the ambient temperature of 0-70 ° C, and the old module may not be able to adapt to the low temperature working environment.

In response to the above -mentioned hidden dangers, we can also do some preliminary distinction between some new and old light modules.

(1) Look at the appearance: Whether the appearance of the same batch of equipment is consistent with the appearance and good appearance and consistency. Most of the products of different manufacturers are used with old -fashioned modules, and after a long period of use, the shells are old, there is no gloss, some wear scratches, and the fiber mouth is also dusty.

(2) View the tube: unplug the dust -proof sleeve and see the sleeve. Generally, there are two types of plastic sleeves and metal sleeves. The old sleeve is poor, rough and intuitive. Metal sleeve, the inner wall of the old second -hand tube has scratches, the color difference of the metal, the consistency of the multi -suite is compared, and the color of the new mold sleeve is bright, smooth, and well adhesive.

(3) Temperature test: This mainly depends on the use environment. If it is 50 ° C-60 ° C, generally, the performance of the old model cannot be compared with the new model.

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