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Where are optical modules applied?
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Where are optical modules applied?

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Optical module is an electronic component for photoelectric conversion. In simple terms, optical signal is converted into electrical signal, and electrical signal is converted into optical signal, including transmitter, receiver and electronic functional circuit. According to its definition, as long as there are optical signals, there will be applications of optical modules.

What are the application equipment and scope of optical modules? Today we will show it to you in the form of pictures and texts.

1. Video optical transceiver: 1 * 9 single-mode optical module is generally used, and some high-definition optical transceiver will also use SFP optical module.

2. Optical transceiver: 1 * 9 and SFP optical module

3. Switch: The switch adopts GBIC, 1 * 9, SFP, SFP+, XFP optical module, etc

4. Optical fiber router: SFP optical module is generally used

5. Optical network card: 1 * 9 optical module, SFP optical module, SFP+optical module, etc

6. Optical fiber high-speed ball machine: SFP optical module

7. Base station: In the mobile communication system, the equipment that connects the fixed part and the wireless part, and connects the mobile station through the wireless transmission in the air. Adopt SFP and XFP optical modules

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