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What problems should I pay attention to when using fiber jump lines?
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What problems should I pay attention to when using fiber jump lines?

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※ The two ends of the optical fiber jump must be the light module of the same wavelength. The simple way to distinguish is that the color of the light module pull the ring should be the same.

※ The short -wave light module generally uses a multi -mode fiber (usually orange), and the long wave light module uses single -mode fiber (usually yellow) to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

※ Do not excessively bend and optical fiber in the use of parcels, which will increase the optical attenuation in the transmission process. The minimum curved radius of the optical fiber in use is greater than 30mm.

※ After using optical fiber jump lines, the protective cover must be used to protect the fiber connector. Dust and oil can damage the coupling of optical fibers.

※ If the optical fiber connector is dirty, you can use a cotton swab dipped in water -free wine, otherwise it will affect the quality of communication.

※ Before use, you must use alcohol and dehydrated cotton to wipe the end surface of the ceramic plug core and the optical fiber jump plug core.

※ Protect the end surface of the embedded and embedded parts to prevent collision and pollution. After disassembling, cover the dust cover in time.

※ Do not look directly at the fiber end surface when transmitting laser signals.

※ If it is damaged due to human or other irresistible factors, the damaged fiber jump should be replaced in time.

※ Read the instructions carefully before installation to install and debug under the guidance of the manufacturer or dealer engineer.

※ If the fiber -fiber network or system is abnormal, the failure method can be used to test one by one.

※ When testing or excluding the jumping line failure, you can perform the test first. Usually, you can use a red light pen to judge the entire fiber link.

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