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What is the use of the FEF function on the optical transceiver?
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What is the use of the FEF function on the optical transceiver?

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Optical transceivers are usually used in pairs to extend the transmission distance of copper cabling systems. However, if the link on one side fails, the transceiver on the other side will continue to work and will not send an error report to the administrator. In this case, the optical transceiver with FEF function can perfectly solve this problem. Let's introduce how FEF functions work.

The full name of FEF is Far End Fault, which means remote failure. It conforms to IEEE 802.3u standard protocol and can detect the failure of remote links in the network. The network administrator can easily detect the failure of the optical transceiver link with FEF function. When an optical link error is detected, the optical transceiver on one side will send a remote fault signal through the optical fiber to notify the optical transceiver on the other side that a fault has occurred.

Then, the two copper links connected to the fiber link will automatically disconnect. By using an optical transceiver with FEF, you can easily detect faults on the link and immediately troubleshoot them. By cutting off the faulty link and sending the remote fault back to the optical transceiver, you can prevent data from being transmitted to the faulty link.

However, we remind you that if you want to enable the FEF function on the optical transceiver, you should choose a pair of electric optical or optical electric optical transceivers instead of optical optical transceivers. In addition, the optical transceivers on both sides should preferably choose the same brand and model.

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