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What is the impact of too high or too low in working temperature of the light module.cicso sfp transceivers module
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What is the impact of too high or too low in working temperature of the light module.cicso sfp transceivers module

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As an important part of the optical fiber communication, the optical module can only ensure the normal operation of the optical network only by ensuring that it is stable. The editor of the light module manufacturer below will focus on this problem!

The work temperature has a greater effect on the use of the light module. If the working temperature of the light module is too high or too low, the light power will generally decrease, the sensitivity becomes low, and the eye map will be worse. Accelerate the aging of internal devices and reduce the life of the light module. In severe cases, it will even directly damage the optical device.

Generally, the working temperature of the optical module increases, which will cause the light power to decrease. The APC (automatic power control circuit) will maintain the stability of the optical module light power. However If the monitoring value exceeds the monitoring value, it will be automatically locked, and the driver chip or TOSA will be burned in the end.

The working temperature specifications of the light module are divided into commercial grade (0-70 ° C), expansion level (-20-85 ° C), and industrial grade (-40-85 ° C), but the most actual application is commercial and industrial-grade-level temperature range.

We need to choose the working temperature of the light module according to the actual use environment. If it is applied to data centers and corporate computer rooms, we can use a commercial -grade light module, because air conditioners will be installed on the data center and inside of the computer room to maintain the stability of the indoor temperature. If it is used in an environment with large temperature changes such as outdoor, remote mountainous areas, and tunnels, industrial -grade light modules are needed. Industrial -grade light modules will import temperature compensation software. When temperature changes, temperature compensation software will occur.

The current light modules can support DDM functions, monitor the temperature of the light module, transmit light power, receive parameters such as light power, current, voltage, and temperature compensation.

If it is not within a normal range, DDM alarm will appear. Each optical module has a temperature compensation function. The temperature compensation is automatically controlled by the APC circuit, which will change with the temperature. Under normal circumstances, in the working environment of 0-70 ° C, the commercial-grade light module generally does not have too much temperature. If the temperature is too high, the DDM alarm will occur.

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