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What is the difference between optical module and fiber transceiver?optic transceiver module
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What is the difference between optical module and fiber transceiver?optic transceiver module

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

As we all know, most optical modules are used in the backbone network in the optical network. The light retracter is just a device to expand network cables. Generally speaking, there are not many single -mode devices with 20km, 25km, 40km, and 60km. Ultra -long demand is usually small. At present, 10/100M adaptive and 1000M adaptation is widely used, but it is not used on many occasions.

Light -end machine

Multipoly cables are rarely used now. The cost of single -mode cables is not higher than the multi -mode cable, and the multi -mode cable is generally within 2km. The transceiver also includes built -in power and external power supply. The fiber fiber port includes single fiber, dual fiber, centralized and single optical fiber. In short, they are selected according to customer needs and occasions.

For example, if you open an Internet cafe, for example, if you want to open the 10M bandwidth from the telecommunications operator, they will pull the optical cable from the telecommunications data room to your Internet cafe, and then the two parties will connect the optical fiber transceiver. The other end of the fiber transceiver is connected to the network cable, and the network cable is connected to the data room and the Internet cafe switch or router. You can allocate the network cable to each machine through the switch.

The difference between light module and optical transceiver

1. The optical module is an attachment, which is usually only used for switches and equipment with light module slots. The light -end machine belongs to the equipment and can be used independently.

2. The light module supports hot insertion, and the configuration is flexible. The light -collector is a fixed specification, and it is difficult to replace and upgrade.

3. The light module provides a power supply through the supporting equipment. The light -end machine and the power supply can be used independently.

Gigabit single -light module

Connect the light end machine with the light module

1. The speed of the light module and the light recovery must be the same, hundreds of mega bytes, gigabit bytes, and gigabit bytes.

2. The wavelength must be the same. Both are 1310nm or 850nm

3. Single fiber to single fiber, double fiber to dual fiber.

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