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What is an optical fiber connector?sfp fiber optic transceivers company
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What is an optical fiber connector?sfp fiber optic transceivers company

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The optical fiber connector is unique. The light pulse sent by the fiber cable instead of the electrical signal, so the end connection must be more accurate. Instead of only allowing sales to make metal contact with metals, in order to allow communication, optical fiber connectors must perfectly align the microscope glass. Although there are many types of optical fiber connectors, they have similar design characteristics.

Double fiber and single fiber:

Single fiber refers to a connector in each port

However, the dual fiber refers to the two connectors of each port

Three main components of the fiber connecter: metal ring, main body of the connector, and coupling mechanism.

Metal ring -this is a thin structure (usually cylindrical), the actual glass fiber. There is a hollow center on the fiber to form a tight handle. Metal rings are usually made of ceramics, metals, or high -quality plastics, and will usually hold a chain of fiber.

The main body of the connector — This is a plastic or metal structure saving the sleeve and attached to the protective cover and strengthening the optical cable itself.

Coupling mechanism — This is part of the main body of the connector. When it is connected to another device (switch, network card, cabinet coupler, etc.), it is used for fixed connectors. It may be a locking clip, a bayonet -type nut, or a similar device.

The optical fiber connector:

Common optical fiber connector type:

1.SC connector

SC was developed by the Japanese Telegraph and Telephone Company (NTT) Laboratory in the mid -1980s, and was one of the first connectors to enter the market with the arrival of the ceramic suit. Sometimes the SC, which is called "square connector ', has a push-pull-type coupling end face and spring loaded ceramic sleeve. It was originally used for Gigabit Ethernet network. In 1991, it was standardized into a telecommunications standard TIA-568A. Due to the cost of manufacturing costs After falling, the popularity growth is slow. Due to its excellent performance, it occupies optical fiber for more than ten years. It is only comparable to ST. Thirty years, it is still the second most common connector for polarizing the application. SC is very suitable for data communication. And telecom applications, including point -to -point and passive light networks.

2. LC connector

Some people think that it is a modern replacement of the SC connector; its launch is not very successful, partly due to the original high permission fee of the inventor Langxun Company. Push -push -type connectors use the lock of small -shaped factor connectors with a small -shaped factor connector in the LC with a smaller set. Half -trail with SC connectors makes it greatly popular in data communication and high -density patch procedures. Because of the combination of its small size and lock function, it is very suitable for the densely populated rack/panel.

With the introduction of LC compatible transceivers and active network components, its stable growth in the field of FTTH may continue.

3.FC connector

FC is the first optical fiber connector using ceramic core, but unlike plastic SC and LC, it uses a round spiral accessory made from nickel -plated or stainless steel. The end surface of the connector depends on the correct inserting positioning card lock, and then the adapter/socket of the threaded tube clip used to the screwed in. Despite the additional complexity of manufacturing and installation, it is still a connector of the preferred precision measurement device, such as OTDR products.

It was originally used for data communication and telecommunications applications, and its use of SC and LC has decreased. These are similar to FC, but both have cheaper components and connect faster. However, the FC's chip on the screw does not make it particularly effective in a high vibration environment, so as to ensure that the spring loading cover is firmly matched.

4.St connector

Shortly after the arrival of FC, the ST connector was developed by AT & T. At a glance, you can be misdiagnosed with each other and ST uses bayonet decoration instead of thread. In recent decades, use has declined, as for the same reason as FC. In addition, it cannot be polished with angle, which limits the use of single -mode fiber and FTTH applications.

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