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What is an SFP+DAC cable?optic transceiver module Production
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What is an SFP+DAC cable?optic transceiver module Production

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SFP+DAC is also known as SFP+direct copper cable. SFP+is directly connected to a fixed length cable, typically 1m, 2m, 3M, 5m, or 7m. It uses small cables and small SFP+modules, which have the advantages of low power consumption, low cost, and low latency.

In the data center, copper cables are usually used to connect servers and Storage area network. The most commonly used is direct connected copper cable (DAC), especially passive copper cable. Passive copper cables have become the best solution for achieving short distance transmission due to their low cost and fast transmission speed. For example, 40G QSFP+passive cable is one of the passive copper cables. Due to its low power consumption, high efficiency, low cost, and low latency, it is widely used for flexible wiring in 40G LANs, HPCs, and San.

SFP+DAC cable is a low-cost technical solution to replace 10G Optical module. Widely used for short distance high-speed interconnection of 10 Gigabit network cards, 10 Gigabit switches, 10 Gigabit servers, supercomputers, cloud computing, Cloud storage networks, etc. One day optical communication can provide you with 10G SFP+high-speed cables ranging from 1 meter to 15 meters.

1 SFP+high-speed cable=(2 SFPs+10 Gigabit optical modules+1 pair of OM3 10 Gigabit optical patch cords)

However, in terms of cost, SFP+cables can save about 50% of the economic cost, which is why they are favored by data center cabling.

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