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What are the light modules commonly used in 4G base station?
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What are the light modules commonly used in 4G base station?

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This article will talk to you about 4G base stations, as well as commonly used light module types. Base stations can be divided into two modules: RRUs that emit signals and BBUs that process signals. Among them, the BBU is small and exquisite, and the RRU is large in size. Because the base station is demolished into two separate work, such a site is also called distributed sites, which involves the connection between BBU and RRU. How to connect BBU and RRU to the equipment that handles the electrical signal with optical fiber? This requires our light module.

The transmission carrier connected to the BBU and RRU devices is optical modules and optical fiber. In the 4G network, the device used in the BBU and RRU connection can be a 1.25G light module, 2.5G light module, 6G light module, and 10G light module.

Because the construction of 4G network requires a large number of BBU and RRU, and the distance between BBU and RRU is far away, RRU needs at least 2-6 core optical fiber to transmit, so the consumption of optical fiber resources is huge. born.

Through BBU/RRU serial networking, it can solve the problem of long -distance transmission and lack of optical fiber resources. The BBU terminal can access the CWDM coarse -wave replica through the CWDM color light module with the OS2 single -mode fiber jump line, and then transfer it to the CWDM coarse distributor with one to two fiber. Use the CWDM light module with OS2 single -mode fiber jump to access the RRU device

Using the passive wave score system can effectively solve the problem of insufficient fiber between several sites, so that the base station can quickly expand capacity. Later 5G will gradually replace 4G, but 4G is still the mainstream, and many 5G pilot base stations will still use 10G light modules for transmission. Therefore, the current 10G light module is still the mainstream product of the telecommunications industry.

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