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What are the core devices of the light module?epon onu Manufacturing
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What are the core devices of the light module?epon onu Manufacturing

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olt zte c320

With the rapid development of network communication technology, the use of light modules is increasingly wide. The light module is an indispensable part of network communication equipment. So which electronic devices are composed of the light module?

1. CDR (CLOCK and Data Recovery): The role of the clock data recovery chip is to extract the clock signal in the input signal, and find out the relationship between the clock signal and the data. Simply put, it is to restore the clock. At the same time, CDR can also compensate the loss of signals on the wiring and connectors.

2. LDD (LaserDiode Driver): Convert the output signal of the CDR to the corresponding modulation signal to drive the laser to glow. Different types of laser need to choose different types of LDD chips. In a short multimodular light module (such as 100G SR4), CDR and LDD are generally integrated on the same chip.

3. TOSA: Implement electric/ light conversion, mainly including laser, MPD, TEC, isolation, MUX, coupled lens and other devices, including To-CAN, GOLD-BOX, COC (Chip On Chip), COB (Chip On Board) Wait for the form. The light module used in the data center. In order to save costs, TEC, MPD, and isolations are not necessary. MUX is only in the light module that needs to be reused. In addition, the LDD of some optical modules is also encapsulated in TOSA.

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