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What are the advantages of 10G SFP+light module
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What are the advantages of 10G SFP+light module

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Speaking of the light module, I believe that everyone knows that there are many types of light modules. Many modules on the market are made of light modules produced by some company factories themselves. Our optoelectronics is no exception. What I want to say today is our 10G light module of our optoelectronics, that is, the Magazine Module, its advantages.

The 10G light module has developed from the XenPak light module, X2 light module, and the XFP light module to the SFP+packaging optical module. The SFP+optical module is now the most widely used module. He has the characteristics of strong compatibility, small size, low cost and other characteristics. Construct a new network in the data center

The 10G SFP+optical module has the advantages of small volume, low cost and low density, and is widely used in the 10G Ethernet. The next -generation mobile network, fixed access network, urban network, and data center areas. The 10G SFP+optical module variety. Today, 10G network technology is very mature. The solution of 10G data centers is usually a 10G 10,000 -scent switch with the SFP+Magazine Module. Switchs of different rates should be matched with the corresponding speed module. A variety of high -performance 10G light modules, applied to 10G Ethernet, data center computer room, etc. Thank you for your support!

What to pay attention to if you need to pay attention to the application of 100G light module

With the rise of the 5G network, the data traffic and rate of data have been increased, and the demand for the rate of light module has also increased accordingly. The 5G prequel part will be upgraded from 10G to 25g. The data center will be upgraded from 10G and 40G to 100G. The market demand for 100G light modules will be greatly improved.

100G QSFP28 light module is a high -speed light module applied to 100G Ethernet. It uses QSFP28 packaging form, which is small. The QSFP28 optical module has four signal channels, and the maximum transmission rate of each signal channel is 28Gbps. It has a variety of transmission distances to choose from. The QSFP28 optical module is used in the INFINIBAND system called EDR. The QSFP28 optical module of EDR has stricter performance.

1. Application scenario of the QSFP28 optical module: QSFP28 light module is mainly used in the data center application in the core switch and the 100G connection of core routers.

2. What types of 100G optical modules are common: QSFP28 light module, CFP4 light module, CFP2 optical module, CFP light module, etc. The current mainstream 100G light module is QSFP28 light module.

3. The working temperature range of the QSFP28 optical module is: QSFP28 Light module Standardized commercial-grade product working temperature range is 0 ° C-70 ° C; the working temperature range of industrial-grade products is -45 ° C-85 ° C. Generally, commercial products are used, and some data centers use products with a working temperature range of 20 ° C-50 ° C to reduce costs.

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