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What are SFP ports on a gigabit switch?
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What are SFP ports on a gigabit switch?

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16Port GPON OLT with L3 management

SFP ports are designed for use with small form factor (SFF) connectors and provide high speed and physical compactness. It enables Gigabit switches to allow fiber or copper links by inserting the appropriate SFP modules (fiber SFP or copper SFP). Whether it is an optical port or an electrical port link, the only difference is the physical layer (medium). When the SFP port is inserted into a 1G SFP with an electrical port, a network cable (Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7 network cable) must be used for data transmission. When the SFP port is inserted into a Gigabit SFP with an optical port, the fiber jumper (LC fiber) needs to support fiber connection. Therefore, RJ45 SFP modules are generally used for short-distance uplinks, connecting all-SFP distribution switches and all-copper edge switches,

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