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Upgrade from 10G Optical module to 40G Optical module
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Upgrade from 10G Optical module to 40G Optical module

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155M Single Mode

Before upgrading from 10G to 40G, the first issue we need to face is the selection of network products. How to select the appropriate 40G Optical module and corresponding network products? In addition to considering factors such as capital, operations and maintenance, bandwidth requirements, and 40G compatibility, it is also important to choose mature and universal products with established industry standards and standards after balancing various factors and demands.

Currently, most 40G fiber optic networks comply with the ieee 802.3ba standard. The use of parallel fiber optic transmission and pre terminated 12 core or 24 core MPO fiber optic cables is the main fiber optic connection plan for the next generation data center, and is also the center of the 10G to 40G upgrade strategy. The MPO solution is designed for extremely flexible cabling systems in fiber optic networks, which are compatible with progressive upgrades of 10G/40G and upgrade the network on demand with minimal capital expenditure, resulting in faster speed, higher density, and ultimately achieving rapid bandwidth doubling and investment returns.

Connection plan: Based on the 10G network connection plan, two 12 core MPO backbone optical cables and distribution boxes remain unchanged. Replace the module box with an MPO adapter, connect 2 to 3mpo conversion jumpers at both ends, and convert 2x12 fiber channel to 3x8 fiber channel. Finally, three 40G Optical module are connected at both ends to complete the transmission of 40G signals.

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