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This paper introduces the classification and application of MPO jumper
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This paper introduces the classification and application of MPO jumper

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With the rapid development of modern communication technology, the demand for data transmission in the data center is growing exponentially, so that the traditional optical fiber jumper cannot meet the connection requirements of equipment at this stage. How to process and store more data in the limited space has become an urgent problem to be solved when the data center is newly built and expanded.

At present, optical fiber connectors are being upgraded from MTRJ and E2000 to MPO. One MPO optical fiber jumper can support 12-72 core or even 96 core optical fiber connection, which can meet the high-density transmission requirements of 40G and 100G optical fiber networks in the data center. With the increasing demand for data center transmission, the future high-capacity, high-speed data transmission will inevitably bring a broad market prospect for MPO jumper. Now we will introduce the advantages and applications of MPO optical fiber jumper.

1. The project construction efficiency is high. The MPO jumper can realize multi-core connection. The modular design of the connector is easy to operate, easy to install, remove and adjust, saving installation time, and indirectly saving labor costs in the construction of the data center.

2. It takes up little space. The wiring of MPO jumpers adopts modular connection. The density of optical fiber cabling is improved through distribution frames, connection boxes and special mounting plates to minimize the space occupied by cabling.

3. Convenient capacity expansion. The capacity expansion cabling can be implemented quickly by adding connection boxes.

Structure of MPO optical fiber jumper

MPO fiber jumper consists of hot plug MPO connector and multi-mode optical cable. MPO optical fiber connector includes optical fiber, sheath, coupling component, metal ring, pin, dust cap, etc. The pin part is divided into male and female forms. The male connector has two PIN pins, while the female connector does not. The connection between MPO connectors is precisely aligned through the PIN pin. The two MPO connectors connected to each other must be male and female.

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