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The optical fiber connector.onu xpon company
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The optical fiber connector.onu xpon company

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1.25G Multiple Mode

The optical fiber connector is the termination of the optical fiber end, which is faster and disconnected than the editing.

There are two values of each optical fiber connection:

1. Attenuation or insertion loss

2. Reflex or wave loss loss

The measurement value of these parameters is defined at the IEC standard 61753-1. This standard gives the five levels of insertion loss from A (best) to D (the worst), M is multi -mode. Another parameter is a wave of wave loss, from 1 (most) to 5 (worst). Most optical fiber connectors are available, but SC and LC are the most common types of connectors in the market. The rated voltage of a typical connector is 500 to 1,000 plugs. The main differences between various types of connectors are the methods of size and mechanical coupling. Generally speaking, enterprises will standardize a type of connector, depending on the equipment they usually use. Different connectors need multi -mode and single -mode fiber.

In many database centers, small (eg, LC) and multi -fiber (eg, MTP) connector replace large, old style (eg, SC), allowing more optical fiber ports of each frame space unit.

Good connector characteristics:

· Low insertion loss

· High -return loss (at a low amount of reflection interface)

· Easy to install

· low cost

· Reliability

· Low environmental sensitivity

· Convenient use

The main connector is as follows:


The market demand for telecommunications and Internet networks is quite large.

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