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The most basic test parameter of the light module.onu xpon Production
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The most basic test parameter of the light module.onu xpon Production

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1.25G Single Mode

The finished product of a light module seems simple. In fact, the production of a product requires multiple tests. In the test, several parameters are very important. Only these parameters meet the relevant standards can the performance of the optical module best. Do you know which test parameters are? Let us come carefully now!

1. Light power

The transmitting light power refers to the light intensity of the transmitted end, and the DBM unit is an important parameter that affects the transmission distance.

2. Receive sensitivity

Receive sensitivity refers to the light intensity that can be detected, and DBM is the unit. Under normal circumstances, the higher the speed, the worse the sensitivity, that is, the larger the light receiving power, the higher the requirements for the device of the light module.

3. Bias current

In order to make the laser LD high -speed switch work normally, it must add a DC offset current with a slightly greater than the threshold current ITH, and it is directly represented by Bias. The aging of Bias accelerated device, Bias too small laser cannot work properly.

4. Anti -light ratio

The ratio of the light power at a signal logic at 1 is the size of the optical power at 0, and the unit is DB. The anti -optical ratio and the optical power are inverse. During the debugging process, it will be found that the optical power to increase the light ratio will become smaller, otherwise the light power ratio of the light power will become larger.

5. Saturated light power

At a certain transmission rate, the maximum input optical power is maintained when a certain code rate is maintained. When the receiving light power is greater than the saturated light power, it will also cause the error code. Therefore, the incorrect code phenomenon will occur for the light module with a large light power without decaying the loop test.

6. Work temperature

There are two types of light modules. Commercial grade: 0 ~ 70 ° C, industrial grade: -40 ~ 85 ° C.

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