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The differences and advantages of 10G DAC and SFP+light modules
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The differences and advantages of 10G DAC and SFP+light modules

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The development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has put forward new challenges for the expansion of data centers. It often collides between technology and costs. While achieving high density and high capacity, it is necessary to control cost factors. When wiring, we can choose a high -speed cable and light module jump combination. So how should we choose these two products in the actual scenario? What are the differences and advantages between them? Let's learn together!

As a transmission medium, 10G SFP+ DAC and 10G light modules can be selected. What are the differences between the two?

10G DAC connects two switches through copper cables, and the SFP+light module connects two switches by connecting with jumper.

10G DAC is transmitted short -distance, with a longest distance of 15m, and is mostly used in the computer room.

SFP+modules can be long -distance. Single fiber is currently 80km, and double fiber is 100km.

10G SFP+ DAC advantage:

10G DAC is a copper cable designed with SFP+connectors at both ends. Compared with the 10G light module, the cost is lower;

C The use of 10G DAC wiring is more flexible, the transmission distance can reach 15 meters, and it is more difficult to operate in the actual construction process;

10G DAC wiring saves connection devices, and does not need to use wiring frames. Server and network devices can be directly connected to the TOR switch, which indirectly saves the input cost

10G SFP+light module advantage:

If the vertical distance of the wiring does not exceed the cabinet, you can use 10G DAC to connect at this time. When the TOR switch is connected to the network switch, if the distance is greater than 15m, select multi -mode fiber and optical modules to achieve it. Generally, OM3/OM4 LC fiber fiber jump line and 10G SFP+optical module are usually used. In other words, the 10G SFP+light module is widely used in long distance transmission.

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