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Test method with good light modules.sfp module 18g wholesale
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Test method with good light modules.sfp module 18g wholesale

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After the production of the finished product of the light module, a complete test process must be performed. The test method is a very professional problem. All steps must be performed, and all parameters must meet the requirements to ensure that the sales of the optical module will not have any quality problems. The following is the complete process of testing after the production of the optical module.

① Lighting and glow test.

Output optical power is an important parameter that determines the distance and quality of the transmission and quality of the optical module. Excessive or too low is not good; receiving sensitivity can determine the sensitivity of the light module. The higher the rate of light modules, the worse the receiving sensitivity;

② Eye map, anti -light ratio test.

The shape of the eye diagram is similar to the eye. It is the result of multiple collection and superimposed digital signals in the oscilloscope. It can intuitively reflect whether the measured signal is lost and the signal transmission is good; the anti -light ratio is one of the parameters that measure the quality of the light module. The greater the lighting ratio, the stronger the light signal receiving recognition ability, and the higher the receiving sensitivity. The anti -optical ratio is inversely proportional to the light power. The larger the lighting ratio is found during the test, the smaller the luminous power; the less luminous power;

③ Test of high and low temperature aging test.

The application environment of the light module is different and the work temperature is different. Before leaving the factory, high and low temperature aging tests must be performed in the aging box to verify whether the performance indicators of the optical module can still meet the standard;

④ Compatibility connection test.

Insert the light module into the switch of the corresponding brand for detection and connection testing. If it can be connected, it means that the light module can be compatible and the light module can be communicated. If you cannot connect, you need to be further tested;

⑤ Wicing end surface

In the various testing links of the light module, there will be some dirt and scratches, which need to be observed by microscope. If there is no problem, it can be packaged and transported. If you have any problems, you need to deal with it.

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