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Talk about light module knowledge
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Talk about light module knowledge

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8 core Fiber Distribution Box

Recently, I changed a job, and my friends asked what my company did. When I heard that I said it was an optical fiber module, their reactions did not know what product it was, and was unfamiliar with this product. In order to let more people know this product, let's briefly introduce our product overview below.

The light module is an interface device that converts the telecommunications signal to the light signal and converts the light signal into a electrical signal. It is an important device in the optical fiber communication system.

Basic parameters of optical fiber modules:

1. Transmission rate: 155m, 1.25g, 2.125g, 2.48g, 4.125g, 6.125g, 8g, 10.125g, 40g, 100g ....

2. Transmission distance: 300m, 550m, 10km, 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 120km, 160km

3. Central wavelength: 850nm, 1310Nm, 1550nm, 1490-1610Nm

4. Launch part: VCSEL+ PIN, FP+ Pin, DFB+ PIN, APD+ PIN, EML

5. Receive part: LD+PIN

6. Work current: 220ma

7. Work temperature

A. Commercial grade is 0 ~ 70 ℃

B. Industrial grade is -40 ~ 85 ℃

※ According to the transmission medium, it is divided into multi -mode (orange) light module and single -mode (yellow) light module

The single -mode light module is suitable for long -distance transmission; multi -module modules are suitable for short -range transmission.

※ According to the form of packaging, it is divided into 1x9, gbic, sfp, sfp+, xfp, cwdm, dwdm, x2, and xenpak

※ Userialability: hot insertion (GBIC, SFP, XFP, XENPAK) and non -thermal insertion (1x9, SFF)

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