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Silicon light technology is gradually being used in large -scale application
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Silicon light technology is gradually being used in large -scale application

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Silicon optical technology is currently used in 100G and 400G light modules. Silicon optical technology is considered to be one of the most valuable solutions that can surpass the high data rate and low cost of the vertical resonance surface laser VCSEL. Silicon -optical components have a variety of outstanding advantages such as low cost, higher integration, more embedded function, higher interconnection density, lower power consumption, and higher reliability. This article will introduce the application of silicon light technology in the light module.

As early as 2018, the 100G CWDM4 silicon light module entered the market, and achieved a good market response. According to the prediction of well-known agencies, Silicon Light will continue to obtain market share from 2021-2026. In the past ten years, I have accepted silicon optical technology and recognized the limitations of INP and GaaS optical devices in terms of speed, reliability and integration with CMOS electronic devices.

The development of any industry and industry is to meet people's needs. Therefore, the final landing and application prospects of silicon light technology depends on the ultimate users, that is, cloud computing manufacturers, especially heads of heads. After all, in order to meet the bandwidth requirements brought by the high -speed growth of business, they need to introduce a new solution, on the other hand, they are also to further realize the optimized performance and cost of the data center network.

From the perspective of user, the lighting module can be inserted as a product form with a high degree of standardization. The user cares about reliability and cost. Light modules with a rate of 400G and 400G, the traditional III-V solution, with years of technical precipitation and mature ecological chain, still maintain competitiveness. For the silicon light scheme, its advantages are mainly concentrated in integration and relatively cheap CMOS processes, especially in application scenarios with high density integration needs, such as QSFP-DD ZR, CO-PACKAGED, etc. The vast market space, but it still depends on the further optimization and integration of the industry.

400G DR4 is the basic form of the 400G silicon light module. In the 400G era of data center, it can achieve a Breakout network with 1 point and 4, and passes with 100G DR1/FR1. Interconnection, with end -to -end cost competitiveness. Under the advantages of single fiber transmission, the multi -wave long light source packaging can be easily switched to the WDM module form. At the same time, the data center optical exchange device is evolving towards the CO-PKG form. Multi-road parallel silicon light integration schemes will be a standard form.

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