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SFP light module.sfp fiber optic transceivers manufacture
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SFP light module.sfp fiber optic transceivers manufacture

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Classification of Gigabit Light Module

Gigabit light module

It is generally used in the road of full -dual -working satellite communication systems that are excellent in optical fiber lines. The speed is 144m-4.25Gbps. /1490nm.

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The SFP optical module is an enhanced SFP light module. It is used in the dual 10G serial communication fiber communication of 1330/1270nm signal transmitters and 1270/1330nm signal receiver, with a large transmission spacing of 60km.

XFP light module

The XFP optical module is an XFPMSA packaging optical module that is diagnosed in an embedded data. Its transmission of light wavelength and receiving light wavelength are 1330nm/1270nm, 1270nm/1330nm. Generally, it can be applied with SMF. The larger transmission distance can reach 10km. In addition, the functional loss of the BIDIXFP optical module is lower than 2W and is used in the 10G Ethernet interface.

Gigabit light module

Gigabit light module is used in double 10G serial communication fiber communication, and this type of optical module consists of two parts: a part of the signal transmitter applies 1330/1270NMDFB laser generator. Part of the signal receiver applies integrated 1270/1330nm front -placed large and rear camera amplifier.

SFP light module

The SFP+SRBD optical module can complete 40G transmission only needs to apply 2 20G security channels. Each safety channel can transmit and transmit data signals from a multi -mode fiber cable, but you must also pay attention to 40GQSFP+BIDISR4.

The Gigabit Light Module first consists of four electronic signals with 2 20G electronic signals, and two 20G electronic signals are converted into two different light wavelel 20G light signal lights. It is not transmitted to a optical cable cable, and then 40G machine devices are not lit and work.

The common light wavelength of 40GQSFP+SRBD light module is 850nm and 900nm, which can be transmitted smoothly in single -mode optical fiber system software. In addition, the transmission distance of the OM3 leakage is 100m, and the transmission distance of the OM4 leakage is 150m.

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