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SFP light module type.optic transceiver module
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SFP light module type.optic transceiver module

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In basic situations, the SFP light module is classified according to the specific application. It is generally available for 10GSFP+, Bidisfp+, CWDMSFP+, DWDMSFP+.

10GSFP light module

This type of light module is a general SFP+optical module, which can also be regarded as a new upgrade of 10GSFP light modules. It is a popular design solution in the sales market at this stage.

BIDISFP light module

This type of optical module is technically technical, and the speed can achieve 11.1Gbps, and the functional loss can be low. It has two optical fiber lines, which are generally applications. When developing Internet construction in big data centers, the demand for optical fiber lines can be reduced and the cost of basic construction costs can be reduced.

CWDMSFP light module

This optical module uses coarse waves and reused technical properties. It is often used with single -mode application to save optical fiber line resources. It is more interested, reliable in the networking plan, and small functional loss.

Dwdmsfp+light module

This optical module is technically technical, which is mostly used to transmit data from long -distance. The transmission spacing can reach 80km. It has the characteristics of high -speed transmission, large space, and strong scalability.

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