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SFP intelligent lighting control module.Lc Sfp Module
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SFP intelligent lighting control module.Lc Sfp Module

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155M Single Mode

1. The system can control any circuit for continuous dimming or switching.

2. Scene control: Multiple different scenes can be preset to fade in and out during scene switching.

3. Various sensors can be connected for automatic control of lighting.

4. Mobile sensor: infrared detection of the human body to achieve control of lighting; If a person comes and the light is on, then they go and the light is off (dark).

5. Illumination sensor: For certain occasions, indoor light can be adjusted according to the intensity of outdoor light, such as constant illumination control in school classrooms.

6. Time control: In certain situations, the brightness can be adjusted according to the commuting time.

7. Infrared remote control: You can use a handheld infrared remote control to control the lights.

8. System networking: System networking can be achieved by utilizing the above control methods for comprehensive control or networking with building intelligent control systems.

9. Control of lighting can be achieved through the detection of sound, light, heat, human and animal movements

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