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Pattern classification
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Pattern classification

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Multi -mode

Almost all multi -mode optical fiber size is 50/125um or 62.5/125um, and bandwidth (information transmission of optical fiber) is usually 200MHz to 2GHz. Multi -mode optical terminals can transmit up to 5 kilometers through multi -mode fiber. Taking the light emitting diode or laser as the light source. The color of the pull ring or in vitro is black.

Single -mode

The size of the single-mode fiber is 9-10/125 & micro; m, and the characteristics of unlimited bandwidth and lower losses are more than the multi-mode fiber. The single -mode light end machine is mostly used for long -distance transmission, sometimes it can reach 150 to 200 kilometers. LEDs with a narrow LD or spectrum line are used as light sources. The colors of the pull ring or in vitro are blue, yellow or purple.

Different and contact

Single -mode optical fiber is cheap, but single -mode equipment is much more expensive than multi -mode devices. Single -mode device can usually run both on the single -mode fiber or on the multi -mode fiber, and the multi -mode device is limited to running on multi -mode fiber.

The 10G module has gone through the development of 300pin, XenPak, X2, and XFP, and finally realized the signal of 10G with the same size as SFP. This is SFP+. With its advantages such as miniaturization and low cost, SFP meets the demand for the high density of the equipment for the high density of the equipment. From 2002 standards, it has replaced XFP to become the mainstream of 10G market in 2010.

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