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Passive ONU
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Passive ONU

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Passive ONU

Passive ONU (Optical Network Unit) is the user-end equipment of GEPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) system, used to terminate services transmitted by OLT (Optical Line Terminal) through EPON (Passive Optical Network). In cooperation with OLT, ONU can provide various broadband services to connected users. For example, Internet access, Internet telephony, high-definition TV, video conferencing, etc. As a user-end device for FTTx applications, ONU is a high-bandwidth and cost-effective terminal device necessary for the transition from the "copper cable era" to the "optical fiber era". As the ultimate solution for user wired access, GEPON ONU plays an important role in the overall network construction of NGN in the future.

UTStarcom ONU 1001i is a cost-effective GEPON system user terminal equipment. Specially designed for home users and SOHO users to provide gigabit broadband connectivity to user gateways and/or PCs. The ONU1001i provides 1000 base-tetherenet network ports for data and IPTV video services, and the ONU 1001i can be remotely configured and managed through UTStarcom BBS series Optical Line Terminals (OLTs).

When it comes to ONU (Optical Network Unit) optical network unit, we must first introduce PON technology. PON technology began to develop in the 1990s. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) started from APON (155 M) and developed to BPON (622 M) and GPON (2.5g). At the beginning of this century, due to the wide application of Ethernet technology, IEEE also developed EPON technology on the basis of Ethernet technology. At present, the PON technologies used for broadband access mainly include EPON and GPON, and the standards used are different. The upstream and downstream bandwidth of the Ethernet passive optical network is 1.25 gigabits/sec, while the downstream bandwidth of GPON is 2.5 gigabits/sec, and the upstream bandwidth is 1.25 gigabits/sec. In the future, higher bandwidth will be in EPON 10G EPON/10G GPON developed in /GPON technology.

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