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Optical module DDM information
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Optical module DDM information

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1. Wavelength (nm) means wavelength. The following number represents the wavelength value of the optical module. Common wavelengths include 850, 1310, 1550, etc.

2. RX refers to the received optical power, TX refers to the transmitted optical power, High Threshold refers to the highest value of the power, Low Threshold refers to the lowest value of the power. Generally, the manual of the optical module contains the normal range value of the optical power of the optical module. You can judge whether the power of the optical module is normal by comparing the parameters in the optical module specification.

3. Transfer Distance is translated as the farthest transmission distance. The results shown in the figure above mean that the transmission distance can be as far as 300 meters with a 50 micron multimode OM2 fiber, and as far as 150 meters with a 62.5 micron multimode OM1 fiber.

4. Temperature refers to the current temperature of the optical module, Temp High Threshold refers to the upper limit of the maximum temperature of the optical module, and Temp Low Threshold refers to the lower limit of the minimum temperature of the optical module. The optical module needs to be between these two temperature values to work normally. High refers to the highest, Low refers to the lowest, voltage in English is Voltage, and bias current in English is Bias Current. Whether the parameter values of the optical module are normal can be judged by comparing the range values given in the specification of the optical module.

5. 50um or 62.5um represents the diameter of optical fiber, which refers to multimode optical fiber; When the fiber diameter is 9um, it refers to single-mode fiber.

Finally, networking between switches and servers requires DAC high-speed cables, AOC active optical cables, optical modules and jumpers. Here we will introduce the models of the following optical modules, which will help you understand the parameter information of optical modules and facilitate future purchase.

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