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OLT advantage
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OLT advantage

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Fiber Media Converter

(1) The passive optical network is small in size, simple in equipment, low in installation and maintenance costs, and relatively small in investment.

(2) The networking of passive optical devices is flexible, and the topology structure can support tree, star, bus, hybrid, redundant and other network topologies.

(3) Easy to install, it has indoor type and outdoor type. The outdoor version can be hung directly on the wall, or placed on the "H" pole, without renting or building a machine room. However, the active system needs to perform photoelectric and electro-optical conversion, and the equipment manufacturing cost is high. It needs to use a special site and computer room. It is difficult to solve the problem of remote power supply, and the daily maintenance workload is large [4] .

(4) Passive optical network is suitable for point-to-multipoint communication, and only uses passive optical splitter to realize the distribution of optical power.

(5) The passive optical network is a pure medium network, which completely avoids the influence of electromagnetic interference and lightning, and is very suitable for use in areas with harsh natural conditions.

(6) From the perspective of technological development, passive optical network expansion is relatively simple, and does not involve equipment transformation. It only needs to upgrade equipment software, purchase hardware equipment once, and use it for a long time, laying the foundation for fiber-to-the-home and ensuring user investment.

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