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Matching scheme of H3C router optical modules.mini gpon olt maker
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Matching scheme of H3C router optical modules.mini gpon olt maker

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New design XPON ONU

Router is a hardware device that connects two or more networks and acts as a gateway between networks. It is a special intelligent network device that reads the address in each packet and then decides how to transmit it. Routers can be divided into backbone routers (core routers), enterprise level routers and access level routers.

Generally, backbone routers have multiple optical ports. Taking H3C CR series core routers as an example, the port types of H3C CR series core routers include SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP+, CFP2, QSFP28 optical interfaces, which can be matched with 1.25G SFP series optical modules, 10G SFP+series optical modules, 40G QSFP+series optical modules, 100G QSFP28 series optical modules, etc. Here are some common types of optical modules.

Enterprise router is mainly used to connect enterprise LAN and WAN. Its advantage is that it is suitable for large-scale enterprise network connection. It can adopt complex network topology, load sharing and optimal path, and can better handle multimedia with high security; Save the bandwidth of the LAN, isolate unnecessary traffic, and reduce the burden on the host. H3C enterprise router interfaces are mainly network interfaces.

Access level routers are mainly used to connect small business customers in homes or ISPs, and their main interfaces are network interfaces. It provides optical modules compatible with various specifications of H3C equipment. Before shipment, all optical module products pass the real machine test to ensure compatibility and pass a number of high-quality tests to ensure their stability. It can also provide users with system solutions to help them build a stable network with low cost, high efficiency and easy management.

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