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Make the light module writing code "so easy!"
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Make the light module writing code "so easy!"

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Make the light module writing code "so easy!"图片.png

Customers often place orders on Taobao, without any words. If this is changed to daily necessities, the seller can directly ship according to the order. If you sell the light module, it is another matter.

Our Taobao shop -Warner Optical House, which sells the light module. As long as the customer takes it directly, we will immediately call customers to ask the product compatibility and label requirements.

What is this compatibility? Is it so important? Let's take a look today!

We all know a common sense, a key lock. The switch is like a lock, and the code written in the light module is a key, and the key to unlocking cannot be the same (if the world is messy), the code of the liquid light module is also different. There are many brands in the switch, and the module must be written to the corresponding code. If you are used on Cisco switches, the light module must be written into Cisca code.

Maybe you have never been in contact with the light module. You will think that writing code is a very complicated thing. Below we will use examples

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