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Light module packaging type summary Daquan
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Light module packaging type summary Daquan

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As an indispensable optical device for modern data centers, the demand of the market is getting larger and larger. The classification of the light module can be divided into 10G, 40G and 100G at a rate; It is divided into hot insertion and cold plugs according to the conditions of use, but the most commonly used is classified according to the packaging.

What is the packaging of the light module?

Popularly speaking, the packaging of the light module refers to the shape of the light module. With the advancement of technology, the packaging of the light module is also evolving step by step, and the volume is gradually becoming smaller. Of course Cost and other aspects are also moving forward.

Common packaging types of light modules 1*9, SFF, GBIC, SFP, XFP, SFP+, QSFP+and X2, XenPak, etc. The previous three encapsulation types are now relatively useful. The following mainly introduces the latter -in packaging type.

Sfp package

The SFP optical module is a small -scale insertable lighting module. At present, the maximum rate can reach 155m/622m/1.25g/2.125g/4.25g/8g/10g, which is usually connected to the LC jump line.

The SFP light module also includes 100M SFP, Gigabit SFP, BIDI SFP, CWDM SFP, and DWDM SFP. Each light module has undergone strict compatibility tests to ensure the reliability and stability of the product. It is compatible with various brands compatible with various brands Switchs and other equipment.


The shape of the SFP+optical module is the same as the SFP light module, but the support rate can reach 10G, which is often used for transmission at a medium distance. Compared with XFP light modules, there is no CDR module inside, so the volume and power consumption of SFP+are smaller than XFP.


QSFP+optical module is a four -channel small -scale hot -inserted light -plug -in module, which supports connecting with MPO and LC optical fiber jump lines. Compared with the SFP+optical module, it is larger.

X2, xenPak packaging

X2, XenPak light module is multi -application and 10D Ethernet, usually connects to the SC jump line. The X2 light module evolves from the standard of the XenPak light module. Because the XenPak light module is installed on the circuit board, you need to slot your groove on the circuit board It is more complicated to achieve high -density applications. After the improvement of the X2 light module is only about half of XenPak, it can be placed directly on the circuit board. Therefore, it is suitable for high -density rack systems and PCI network card applications.

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