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Light module is divided by function.onu epon gpon modem
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Light module is divided by function.onu epon gpon modem

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1WAN+4GE+2 POT+2.4G/5.8G Wifi Router

Including light receiving modules, light sending modules, light collection hair integrated modules, and light forwarding modules.

The main function of the integrated module of the light collection is to achieve optoelectronic/electro-optical transformation, including optical power control, modulation sending, signal detection, IV conversion, and limited amplification judgment regeneration function. In addition There are: SFP, SFF, SFP+, GBIC, XFP, 1x9, etc.

In addition to the optoelectronic transformation function, the light forwarding module also integrates a lot of signal processing functions, such as: MUX/DEMUX, CDR, functional control, performance of performance, and monitoring. Common light forwarding modules are: 200/300pin, XenPak, and X2/XPAK.

Light collection integrated module, English name transceiver, referred to as optical module or optical fiber module, is an important device in the optical fiber communication system

Plip -pulling: hot insertion and non -heat plug plug

Packaging form: SFP, GBIC, XFP, XenPak, X2, 1x9, SFF, 200/3000pin, XPAK.

Transmission rate: The transmission rate refers to the number of bits transmitted per second, and the unit MB/S or GB/s. Light module products cover the following main rates: low speed, 100M, Gigabit, 2.5G, 4.25G, 4.9G, 6G, 8G, 10G and 40G

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