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Introduction and usage of CVR-QSFP-SFP10G conversion module
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Introduction and usage of CVR-QSFP-SFP10G conversion module

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1.25G Multiple Mode

With the advent of 40G Ethernet, many enterprise users begin to take full advantage of the current 10G network equipment to upgrade to 40G networks. However, when the high-speed switch is interconnected with the low-speed switch, we will encounter the problem that the SFP+port is not enough. At this time, we can use the Easy Sky CVR-QSFP-SFP10G conversion module to convert the QSFP+port to the SFP+port, and then insert the 10G SFP+series optical module to achieve the transmission of the 10G link. Now let's introduce the CVR-QSFP-SFP10G conversion module.

CVR-QSFP-SFP10G conversion module is an optical interface converter, which can convert QSFP+ports on the switch to SFP+ports. It has a QSFP+interface and an SFP+slot. Inserting it into the QSFP+port of a 40G switch can speed down the port with a 40G transmission rate to 10G.

Taking the interconnection between 40G switch and 10G switch as an example, we can first insert the CVR-QSFP-SFP10G conversion module into the QSFP+optical port, then insert the 10G SFP+SR optical module, and then insert the OM3 multi-mode jumper (duplex LC) to connect the 40G switch with the 10G switch to achieve 10G link transmission.

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