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Huawei switch installation light module tutorial
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Huawei switch installation light module tutorial

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Huawei switch installation light module tutorial图片.png

In the field of switches, Huawei has accumulated a large number of industry-leading intellectual property rights and patents, which can provide hundreds of hundreds of switches products from core to access more than ten series. A product, today we will share with you the precautions for this switch and its installation.

Huawei S5700-24TP-SI-AC is an electronic product with a Gigabit Ethernet switch with an application layer three layers. The switch type is a box-type switch. Size (width x depth x height) 442mm × 420mm × 43.6mm, weighs 3.9kg, the backplane bandwidth is 256Gbps, and the memory (RAM) is 256MB.

Huawei S5700-24TP-SI (AC) switch installation light module tutorial

In order to avoid damage to the component caused by operating errors, we should strictly follow the steps below.

Step 1: You must wear an anti -electrostatic bracelet to prevent static damage.

Step 2: Take out the light module, pull the ring and the label towards up, the golden fingers facing down, paying attention to the front and back of the side cannot be reversed.

Step 3: Rotate the buckle of the module to hold the knob on the top of the module, hold the sides of the module, and gently push the module into the slot until it is firmly in contact with the slot, the installation is completed.

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