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How will the future of 5G communication optical modules develop?
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How will the future of 5G communication optical modules develop?

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From the initial 1G network to today's 5G network, the communications industry has never stopped pursuing high-speed. The development of 5G network will also bring us into an unprecedented era of information diversification, network speed, and the Internet of Everything.

Take 1G-5G as an example, the initial cost of 1G is very high, and the volume is relatively large, the stability and confidentiality are very poor, the function is only analog communication, only provides two kinds of voice, and 2G is compared with 1G. In terms of confidentiality, the functions and services will be better, which can improve the stability of the capacity and provide voice, SMS and other services; 3G is also larger in capacity than 1G and 2G, with better quality and better support for voice , SMS service, data and spectrum utilization are also relatively high;

Now we are still basically stuck at 4G, with full IP, fast speed, high spectral efficiency, and can support services such as images and videos. Now 5G has also been developed, but it has not yet been fully popularized and is still in progress. The arrival of 5G is not only an upgrade to 3G and 4G, but will also bring us some changes. High speed, high frequency, wide connection, large capacity, and low latency are its characteristics. It supports VR/AR, Multi-scenarios such as the Internet of Things and industrial control are its functions, and our network behavior will change accordingly.

At present, China Mobile has built the world's largest 4G network, with 1.1 million 4G base stations. So far, China's three major operators have more than 60,000 5G base stations, which means that the development of 5G will also require optical modules. With the continuous increase, the demand for speed will also be higher. The development trend of 5G communication optical modules will also be dominated by 25G optical modules or 100G optical modules, supplemented by 50G, 200G, and 400G optical modules. It is believed that the market for 5G communication optical modules will be more extensive in the future, and there will be more demand in the next few years

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