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How to use the Gigabit Light Module with a switch.cicso sfp transceivers module Factory
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How to use the Gigabit Light Module with a switch.cicso sfp transceivers module Factory

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How to match the Gigabit Light Module and the network switch has always been a popular problem in the industry. The combination of the network switch and the light module not only affects whether they can be applied normally after their intermediate dock Can not carry out upgrades with low cost and high efficiency. Therefore, the following fast (FS) mainly analyzes how the Gigabit Light Module is used with an application with a network switch.

Which network switch is the Gigabit Light Module with?

For network switches, the general conditions of the section network switching switch can apply the Gigabit Light Module of the 10Ms of Gigabit Network Card Caps, that is, the deceleration application. As everyone knows, the uncomfortable slowing application of the luminous switch of the box -type network switch, and the deceleration can also be applied under all normal conditions of the light switch. However, generally not strongly recommend the application of light switches to decelerate. Therefore, the Gigabit Light Module and Gigabit Swap is a better choice.

What kind of Gigabit Light Module is divided into?

Gigabit light module according to the different application fields, such as: FTTH Fiber Instant Internet, the company's fast fiber LAN, high -reliable industrial production distribution center automatic control system (DCS), optical fiber data video monitoring system Internet, hospital The outpatient fast optical fiber line of local area network, campus network, etc. It can be divided into SPF Gigabit Card Radurant Light Module, BIDISFP Gigabit Light Module, CWDMSFP Gigabit Light Module, DWDNMSFP Gigabit Light Module.

SFP Gigabit Light Module and Gigabit Swap Solution

Below is a solution to the fast (FS) SFP Gigabit light module with the S3900-24T4S Gigabit switch machine. You only need to connect the two same SFP gigabit light modules to two the same gigabit switches, and then connect a LC full dual -work multi -mode optical fiber fiber fiber in the middle to complete the SFP Gigabit Light Module and Gigabit Gigabit Solution of data transmission of data.

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