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How to maintain the SFP light module?
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How to maintain the SFP light module?

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People want to keep youth and have good skin, which require maintenance. So do you know that its solid light module also needs maintenance?

The SFP optical module covers many precise optical elements and circuit elements. In daily use, we need to operate according to the specifications, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the optical module. Below, we will introduce you to the daily maintenance methods of several light modules.

1. Kee in memory of ESD protection

※ You must do a good job of electrostatic protection (such as: wear anti -static gloves and anti -static bracelets to prevent static damage), try to contact the light module shell as much as possible to replace the PIN foot of the contact module;

※ Keep the humidity of the environment of the light module at about 30-75 % RH;

※ It is strictly forbidden to carry out the operation of non -heat plug -in equipment;

2. Light port protection often pay attention to

※ Be sure to keep the end surface of the fiber -fiber connector;

※ The optical module is avoided for a long time, and the light mouth is stamped when it is not used. When the light mouth plug is not used, it is stored in a clean place of dust -proof to avoid pollution;

※ The optical fiber connector should be inserted horizontally to avoid scratching the end surface or sleeve. The golden fingers should be facing down, and you should not be upside down on the front and back;

※ Select the optical fiber connector that meets the standard of the network.

3. How to use the correct use of the SFP light module

※ Avoid long -term naked golden fingers in the light module, and develop the habit of using dust caps to prevent long -term exposure of the optical port;

※ When inserting, keep the optical fiber connecter plug into the optical port horizontally to ensure accurate docking; when unplugs, pull off the lock of the SFP optical module, pull the pull ring and pull out the SFP light module slowly and parallel;

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