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How to judge the quality of the quality of the light module.bridge hgu onu company
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How to judge the quality of the quality of the light module.bridge hgu onu company

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① Standard protocol

The light module must meet the MSA multi -source protocol. Manufacturers must pass CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001 and other certifications. Among them, the MSA multi -source protocol specifies the interface and size of the optical module;

②DDM function

The light module (except for the power port module AOC DAC) must have DDM function so that users can monitor real -time data in the light module. DDM information includes working temperature, working voltage, working current, transmitting light power, and receiving light power.

③ 100 % real machine test

General light module manufacturers will not go to real machine testing before they leave the factory. The purpose of 100 % real machine testing is to ensure that the light module can be used normally, and it has good performance and compatibility;

④ Appearance inspection

After receiving the light module, check the surface of the light module whether there are any damage marks, whether the golden fingers have scratches, etc. If there is any damage, the light module may be used in the second -hand or the process of making the delivery.

⑤ Serial number query

There are many OEM light modules on the market. Many customers cannot distinguish. The easiest way is to query the serial number on the brand's official website or after -sales phone. Existence or not consistent may be well -behaved;

⑥ After -sales service

The warranty period of the brand's optical module is usually one year, and it is usually three years or more, so we should choose a quality -guaranteed light module when choosing;

⑦ Light power detection

Test the optical module using the optical power meter to see if the specific parameters are large and the data manual is large.

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