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How to ensure the cleaning of the fiber end surface?
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How to ensure the cleaning of the fiber end surface?

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Fiber connectors are very common in the network, which enables us to go on the road, down, move and change the network. However, it is undeniable that the pollution of the fiber connecter end surface is the main cause of the interruption of network faults. Today we will introduce you to optical fiber testing.

About end facial pollution

As shown in Figure 1, there should be no pollution or flaws at the end surface of the fiber or connector. The types of common pollution and defects include dust, oil pollution, pit and debris, and scratches (Figure 2). In addition, there are many different sources of pollution, such as: detection equipment, dust caps, partitions, crowds, and environments. Once the equipment is polluted, cross -pollution will occur between the network connector and ports. Therefore, before detecting the network connector, the detection port and wire of the inspection and cleaning equipment will prevent cross -pollution.

We recommend a fiber inspection before the connector and the use of optical modules. As shown in Figure 3, we must check and ensure that the end surface is clean. If the end face is not clean, it must be cleaned. Next, we will introduce the end -facial inspection of the connector and fiber module.

Optical fiber detection tool

Clean can be reinstalled with the end cap

Fiber detection microscope

The barrier fiber probe

There are many types of optical fiber microscope. It was originally a simple and cheap portable microscope. Today, the most commonly used fiber microscope is optical fiber video microscope (desktop) and handheld optical fiber microscope.

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