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How to correctly use the fiber jump line?
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How to correctly use the fiber jump line?

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Both the fiber jumping line and the fiber module are divided into single -mode/multi -mode. If it is wrong in use, it will cause a parameter of the optical module to error. So how is the fiber jump line and optical module used? Today we will share the relevant knowledge for everyone. I hope that we can take less detours in the future!

What is the difference between single -mode fiber fiber module and multi -mode fiber module?

The operating wavelength of the single -mode fiber module is 1310nm and 1550nm, and the transmission distance can reach 160km. Urban networks with relatively high transmission rates and relatively high transmission rates.

The working wavelength of the multi -mode fiber module is 850nm, and the transmission distance can only reach 2km. Used in short -distance transmission.

What is the difference between single -mode fiber and multi -mode fiber?

Single -mode optical fiber transmission bandwidth, long transmission distance, high cost; small core diameter, usually 9/125um; small scattered, only one mode transmission is allowed. Single -mode optical fiber can make fiber directly transmit to the center, generally used for long -distance data transmission

Multi -mode optical fiber transmission speed is low, the distance is short, but its cost is relatively low; it has a larger diameter, usually 50 or 62.5µm in diameter; large color scattered, allowing hundreds of modes to transmit. Multi -mode optical signals are transmitted through multiple pathways, so multi -mode fiber is often used in short -distance data transmission.

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